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Working in scripted, documentary film/television and contemporary art Noam Gonick has explored iconoclastic issues from queer Olympic athletes and Russian activists to Utopian hippie cults, Aboriginal street gangs, labour uprisings, stockbroker meltdowns, and semaphore in prison architecture (amongst other themes).

Gonick’s work has premiered at TIFF, Venice, Berlin, and Sundance, is in the collection of MoMA, the National Gallery of Canada, the UBC Belkin Gallery and available to stream on Netflix. Feature documentaries include GLAAD-nominated 'To Russia with Love' about the Sochi winter games narrated by Jane Lynch and Hot Docs award-winning 'Waiting for Twilight' about Guy Maddin narrated by Tom Waits. Short docs include '1919' a re-visioning the Winnipeg General Strike and the edited in-camera 'Island of Hermaphrodites' shot on Super8. His feature-length narrative films 'Hey, Happy!' and 'Stryker' were distributed theatrically in multiple territories. Gonick created the shopping mall makeup kiosk comedy 'Retail' for Showcase Television, where he also worked as a field director on the reality series 'Kink'.

Art works include the sculptural/performative film installation 'Wildflowers of Manitoba' (with Luis Jacob), 'Precious Blood', 'Commerce Court' (Nuit Blanche Toronto), the JumboTron water boarding work 'No Safe Words', and repeat collaborations with Anishinabe artist Rebecca Belmore. Published work includes an interview with Jeff Wall for Bad Day and the book 'Bruce LaBruce: Ride, Queer, Ride!' Gonick curated the group show ‘Winter Kept Us Warm’ for Paris’ la Maison Rouge. He lectured on his hybrid work at London’s Serpentine Gallery.


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