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  1. Open Source Ecology
  2. WEA
  3. Dan Durller
  4. Possible Futures Film Contest
  5. Dan Bulla
  6. Angeline Gragasin
  7. Lisa Madison
  8. John McQueen
  9. Dave Fischoff
  10. Rachael Joy
  11. Chris Roberson
  12. Kasia Houlihan
  13. Project EVIE
  14. Pasture Pictures
  15. Creative Cares
  16. The Perennial Plate
  17. Stephan Kot
  18. Contemporary Creative

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  1. I have a Plus account and I uploaded a .mov video file today but it is not converting. I have seen the message "this video will start converting in a moment" for the past hour. Is there something wrong with my upload or are conversions just taking…