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We, the people have achieved a lot over the last centuries. But our rights are no gifts from our guardians, they were hard won. Today we live in a time of illusions, stupid entertainment and fashionable consumptions. Most people are still blinded by the media flood rather than form their own opinion. The constructive ways have to begin with an honest look in the mirror: never an easy task; always a necessary one.

This Channel is about our struggle for a better world.


people i trust:

Noam Chomsky
Howard Zinn
Tariq Ali
John Pilger
Norman Finkelstein
Harold Pinter
Robert Fisk
Jean Ziegler
Vandana Shiva
Amy Goodman
John Perkins
Slavoj Žižek
Arundhati Roy
Amira Hass
George Galloway
Edward Said
Malalai Joya
Chris Hedges
Michael Parenti
Dahlia Wasfi

You can cut all the flowers but you cannot keep spring from coming.
[Pablo Neruda]

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