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Noelle Tannen.
Born and Raised in New York City.
Something of a Harlem honey meets bohemian siren.
An unforgettable powerhouse of a woman who is guaranteed to spit a bit of magic your way, leaving you spell-bound and buzzing for more.

The raven-haired beauty enchants & electrifies all those whom she touches.
If there is a piano in the building, she will find it- her finger tips must have magnets for the keys-
her mouth, the majestic and hypnotic mad-house of the globe!
First impression barriers obliterated, she cuts straight to the gut.
Empowering by nature and in presence alone,
with one look this feisty frontwoman will assess and possess, seize your fear, smash it to the ground and hold your hand whilst you stomp it out, your soul loosed and free to fly- alive!

By, Marissa Provenza

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