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Kyle Maynard personifies the phrase "no excuses." Born with a congenital defect that robbed him of his arms above the elbow and his legs below the knee, Maynard transformed himself into an accomplished athlete — and someone determined to triumph no matter what obstacles were in his path. Maynard’s accomplishments extend beyond the wrestling mat. With little more than just his shoulders he can type fifty words per minute, eat and write without any adaptations. He drives a vehicle that has little modification. The owner of the No Excuses Athletics gym, Maynard turned his limitations into opportunities for achievement and fully appreciates the challenges of being an entrepeneur. Now he excites and moves audiences by showing them how they can do the same. The author of the New York Times best-seller No Excuses, Maynard’s been featured on The Oprah Winfrey Show, Larry King Live and Good Morning America. He demonstrates that no matter what the circumstances, with the right attitude you WILL succeed.

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