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Flash Backward:

I blame Star Wars... Well, maybe I should say, Star Wars set the spark that illuminated my future.

It was 1977 and for the first time, here was a movie in front of my eyes that made me laugh, cry, wince and raise my hands in triumph. How could a film (no matter the budget) create such emotions in me let alone crowds of millions? I decided then that I wanted to make films that would inspire, educate and entertain people around the globe.

Flash Forward:

Today, I can say I possess a global reach as a Senior Special Projects Producer / Director for NASA. For the time being, space, is no longer the final frontier (thanks Bill). From a war zone in the middle east to the tropic lagoons of Micronesia, from mountain peaks in Colorado to Hollywood and Washington DC, my camera has never been far and the story is usually near. Thank you for checking out some of my latest works and future postings.

Kind regards,

Guy Noffsinger

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