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  1. 30:13

    Skype Visit

    by Mike Lewis

    4 Videos

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  3. 25:44

    Stephen McCranie Skype Visit

    by Mike Lewis

    3 Videos

    Rising star, Stephen McCranie, can entertain kids with the best of them. Mal and Chad, his graphic novel series about a secret boy genius and his level-headed talking dog, is as poignant as it is…

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  5. 19:02


    by Mike Lewis

    6 Videos

  6. 28:23

    Class Projects

    by Mike Lewis

    4 Videos

  7. 59:12

    Adam Gidwitz

    by Mike Lewis

    23 Videos

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  9. 11:02

    Book Previews

    by Mike Lewis

    8 Videos

    Connecting readers with the entire team of people behind the creation of a book creates a deeper appreciation for the work behind the final product.

  10. 52:32

    Jonathan Auxier

    by Mike Lewis

    24 Videos

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