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Amsterdam, The Netherlands

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© NOK&T/ART interview in The Journal of Wild Culture by Whitney Smith, March 10 2015:

Dutch artists Nok Snel and T(reesje) Bannenberg create photographs, video and quirky installations. The Luckkey Lounge is part of an installation entitled NO KEY NO KOMMUNIKATION! - a room made almost entirely of computer keys and office supplies. It seems important to Nok and T that the viewer always has a sense of their entire practice. In each project the artwork becomes documentation, or the documentation becomes artwork.
Nok and T’s art has a punk or 1970’s LA vibe. The couple make video from the documentation of their real life urban adventures and banal details observed on the road. Their videos and photographs become coherent in the context of their practice rather than as individual pieces. In the video series Pole Express three pole-type objects are filmed on different dates at different occasions. It feels as though the art has been made to amuse the artists themselves as they travel in their car to nowhere in particular. What is clear throughout is that Nok and T, whoever they might be, are the artwork. Their name and presence in the work is continually reinforced.
Hannah Simons, ArtReview (UK)

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