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San Francisco

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Nomi Talisman works with photography, video, and digital media, as well as exploring collaborations inside and outside the gallery. She likes to use the colors orange and blue and has a special fondness for hard drives, and other equipment she cannot afford. Her work explores public reflections of the private, and personal relationships to the political. She examines psychological, fictionalized and mythologized relationships to definitions of “the real”, both in her collaborative and individual projects. When not collaborating, she explores imagery by creating serials and sequences in order to investigate systems and structures of knowledge, from history of cinema, visual instructions, to mass media images. Her work combines media from public archives and footage that was shot on ordinary locations, depicting everyday events, in order to reveal the complicated reality in which we live.

Talisman has exhibited her work in Israel, where she was born, and in Europe (EU and others), Canada, the U.S. and Japan (Japan is a great place! – you should totally, etc.), and her video work has been screened internationally. She likes traveling. She would love to have more time, for no particular reason, or use. She thinks multitasking is overrated. She likes to experiment with sound in her work, although she would not call herself a musician. Neither would her landlord, dog, nor her partner. Talisman moved to the Bay Area on August 11, 2001, and thanks to rent control and her day job, she still lives and works in San Francisco, CA. She is also a two times recipient of THE O-1 Talented Artist Visas from the US government (2004 and 2007), and finally (2010) a permanent residency in the US as an Alien of Exceptional Abilities.

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