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Nonstate is the audio-visual project of Maciej Ozog (the former member of Spear, ben zeen and Aural Treat) and Bartłomiej Kuźniak (the composer and musician, the leader of 2g and 3 Metry, co-founder of Sub Spa, QKS, Golden Nine and

Nonstate’s music is a result of the exploration of liminal spaces “in between”: between noise and silence, between audible and what is beyond the range of human hearing, between flesh and bit of information, between analogue and digital. Nonstate uses sound as a tool for transgression of these binary opposites as well as the space for experimentation and analysis of the network of constant flows between them in relation to human perception. The play of opposite forces and the playing with them produce an extreme psychosomatic experience on the border of trans and meditation.

Nonstate uses analogue and digital synthesisers, prepared and bended electronic tools of various kind as well as prepared acoustic and electronic instruments.

Nonstate’s live performances join sound with multiscreen video projections made of pre-recorded and real-time generated images by VJ Mac Umatik.

Maciej Ozog, PhD, media theorist, researcher and musician. He works at the Electronic Media Department, Lodz University. His research focuses on history and theory of media arts, panoptic / postoptic surveillance culture, information society and posthumanism. He has published a number of articles on aesthetics of interactive art, history and theory of avant-garde film and video art, and experimental music.
The founder of a number of musical and multimedia projects including: Noize Dance Esthetics, Spear (with Joanna Niekraszewicz), ben zeen (with Paweł Cieślak), Aural Treat (with Marta Heberle) and Sub Spa. In 2009 he started audio-visual project Nonstate.
In 1998 he founded Ignis Projekt, the record label dedicated to electronic and electroacoustic experimental music. Ignis has released records by artists such as: Francisco Lopez, Ultra Milkmaids, Vance Orchestra, Indra Karmuka, Crawl Unit, Origami Arktika, EA and Spear.
Curator and co-curator of events such as: four editions of the exhibition "Die Kunst Ist Toth", performances by Coil, Noise Makers Fifes, Column One, Troum, Xaviere Charles, Zbigniew Karkowski, Aube, Tetsuo Furudate, Asmus Tietchens, inter alia.

Bartłomiej Kuźniak is a composer and musician. As a bassman and saxophonist, he has recorded over 30 albums. Active since the late eighties, he started in grindcore-industrial groups, and then continued founding groups of musicians from different backgrounds, playing post-hc-free-jazz or heavy and trance-like avant trip-hop. At the same time, he was dedicated to contemporary chamber music composing, performing and acoustic music recording. He also participated in radical electronic projects ranging from isolationism to noise. He has been the leader of 2g and 3 Metry. Co-founder of Sub Spa, QKS, Golden Nine and, he cooperates with various solo artists as well: Cezary Gapik and Nines 091999 inter alia. He has been involved in mastering for 15 years, as a music producer leading his own High Definition Surround studio - "Studio 333" - which is a workplace for artists and the basis of the "333 Sessions" project that brings together all his creative output.


  1. Cezary Gapik