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Nóra traces its roots back to a dark garage on the west side of Reykjavik, Iceland. There, brother and sister Egill and Auður started making music back in 2006, along with their good friend Hrafn. The band was fully formed two years later when the trio was joined by Bragi and Frank. Their charming and tight performances quickly gathered them a loyal following in the Reykjavik music scene. Bragi left the band in 2011 and was soon replaced by percussionist extraordinaire Óskar.

Nóra’s members are hard-pressed to define their music, but others have described it as “some kind of honey-glazed indie pop”. The band-members’ varying musical background and taste has led to a very diverse catalogue of original songs. Nóra’s influences include such acts as Radiohead, Bob Dylan, TV on the Radio, The Mars Volta, Pixies, Converge, Roy Orbison and Neil Young. Nóra’s members are multi-instrumentalists by nature, often switching instruments mid-set if the mood so strikes them.