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Our vision is to have a community expressing optimum health, free from drugs and surgery. North Shore Chiropractic started in Northcote in a small practice, which couldn't contain the numbers brought to us by our vision. Soon after we opened a purpose built facility in Glenfield. This has on site digital x-rays and the latest technology available. In 2012 we expanded to have another office in Silverdale, with Dr Lan Ling Mansell joining the team. The continued growth shows a continued need for a place for people to come to learn how to restore their health and live with vitality. North Shore Chiropractic is built around the philosophy that our body is a self-healing organism that is always striving to perform at its optimum. We share and teach the chiropractic lifestyle which involves maximised nerve supply through great spinal health, maximised nutrition, maximised exercise, maximised mind, and minimised toxins. We are dedicated to help people achieve their best no matter what age or state of health.

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