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Grandson of legendary industrial, animated-film producer John Sutherland, filmmaking is in my blood. Before I even touched a camera, I always loved setting up and planning battles using GI Joes. These would later be the stars of my first films. I created trenches, brick bunkers, minefield, firecrackers and fake blood to simulate war conditions in my backyard for stop animation films. When I got my first iMac it came with iMovie on it and through this program I created a sound effects real, music and performed voices to recreate a scene from HG Wells “War of the Worlds”. In a way “Sudo Black Pollen” was made in the same way, focusing on using audio and graphics to tell a story while not using any footage.

At the age of 14 I began playing guitar and film making would take the back seat for many years. “Sudo Black Pollen” is the first film I have made in 10+ years. With several short films lined up as well as a feature film screen play, I seek to make interesting films that give homage to using film as a great storytelling medium and art form.

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