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Welcome to Northstate CrossFit, Redding CA. Our Redding CrossFit facility is a fully equipped, 6600 Square Foot exercise facility located in downtown area of Redding, CA. that began in 2009. At Northstate CrossFit, we believe that you will get the best possible workout experience of your life! Every class at Northstate CrossFit is led by a certified, and extremely qualified, CrossFit trainer to help ensure your safety and performance.

CrossFit is more than just a basic exercise routine, it’s physical fitness taken to a whole new level that incorporates Olympic Lifting, Gymnastics, Power Lifting, and general cardiovascular training, it’s what we call “Elite Fitness!” Now, although that may sound intimidating, rest assured, we believe CrossFit is for EVERYONE! We know this because we have seen CrossFit change so many lives and all in a relatively short period of time. We have worked with, and seen vast physical improvements in people from ALL walks of life. We hope the videos are helpful!

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