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No Smile For Frank Productions is run by Matt & Morgan Spade.

Matt studied film and music production in Philadelphia starting in 1991, working on several independent films and other realms of film, video and music productions. With the advent of DSLR cameras and DIY equipment Matt decided it was time to follow his dreams and start making his own films. He has joined together with his wife, Morgan, to make several projects and have been doing so for almost 2 years, on their own.

Their main project as of 2014 is an upcoming documentary called "Strange Meats:The Soupie". Strange Meats will look at the coal region of Pennsylvania and it's annual ritual of winter time "soupie" making, also know as sopressata. We are looking for a late summer / early fall release.

Matt Spade's influences in film include Kubrick, Hitchcock, Spielberg, Peter Jackson, PT Anderson and John Carpenter. But no one has influenced him more than David Lynch. Some of the shorts you will find here borrow a lot of Lynch's imagery, sounds and darkness.

Matt is a member of PIFVA and a huge supporter of local independent film makers, especially Philadelphia.
"Thank You for watching and please follow us! We promise to keep things fun and entertaining!" -
Matt & Morgan Spade

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