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  1. 05:04

    Donaldson // Stearns

    by Jeff Donaldson

    2 Videos

    Audio/Visual improvisations recorded live to HDD on 1/31/2012 Jeff Donaldson: Video; Phillip Stearns: Audio

  2. 29:05


    by Jeff Donaldson

    17 Videos

    Prepared Nintendo Entertainment System effects discovered between 2001 and the present. http://notendo.com

  3. 18:01

    WJ-MX12/AVE5 Improvisations

    by Jeff Donaldson

    8 Videos

    Audio/Visual improvisations generated solely with a stock Panasonic WJ-MX12 and prepared Panasonic AVE5 video mixer. Recorded live to HDD.

  4. 03:40

    Glitch Safari

    by Jeff Donaldson

    9 Videos

    Field recordings of various found glitches occurring in urban centers. See also: http://vimeo.com/groups/glitchsafari

  5. 00:00


    by Jeff Donaldson

    2 Videos

    Various ATARI ST remixes and glitches.

  6. 00:20

    Gallery Installations

    by Jeff Donaldson

    1 Video

    Installation documentation.

  7. 32:07


    by Jeff Donaldson

    2 Videos

  8. 00:53


    by Jeff Donaldson

    4 Videos

    "Datamoshing" Morfo animations of Ary, James, Luke, and Pete from Anamanaguchi.

  9. 11:36


    by Jeff Donaldson

    2 Videos

    Videos created with an RCA CC286 VHS camcorder.

  10. 02:25

    Prepared SEGA Genesis

    by Jeff Donaldson

    3 Videos

    Various recordings of effects discovered from 2004 to the present.

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