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NOTION/UNLIMITED is at the core of an ever expanding network of motion graphic artists, 3D animators, graphic designers, sound engineers and a whole bunch of creative and talented people. Our goal is to let the work flow no matter location, timezone or even physical existence!

In and out we are seeking for new challenges and new ways of doing things, and research is always part of the journey.

A bit of history:
Once upon a time there were two friends (Leo Soler and Diego Sartori), partners and allies that sought to create a new way of doing graphics. This new way included decentralized operations, partnerships with creative powerhouses and television studios, and networking with professionals from varied skills such as music composing, plastic artists and illustrators, 3D gurus and animation magicians.
This project evolved into opportunities that led us into thinking outside the box and to face challenges that turned out to be educational. We were always learning.

Diego Sartori's demise, on September 3, 2011 produced ripples in our history in a way that we still feel. He was more than 'a half' of the company and his philosophy that encouraged a commitment for work unseen elsewhere is still sitting at the root of our little project.

It was devastating but we knew the best way to honor his memory was to keep working, to keep getting better and that's what we've been doing since. After all, he would've been pissed off if we didn't.

After a necessary period of grief, NOTION had to reinvent itself. We went through a new naming (from NOTIONGRAPHICS SRL to NOTION/ULTD.) to properly differentiate the new beginning and under Leo Soler's lead, we've been doing some really exciting stuff that we'll soon share with you all.

Enjoy the landscape!

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