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Cal McCaskill is the creator of NotPorn. The most common question about NotPorn is, "why did you choose the name NotPorn?"

The answer is, because Calvin releases everything else besides porn. Cal takes influence from Charlie Chaplin, who controlled, created and released all of his own work. Chaplin is considered a legend, and this is one of the only people who controlled every aspect of their work. Cal believes that formula works, and applies it to maintain the real vision of the stories.

23 years old, originally from Sao Paulo, Brazil until moving to the states at a young age. Having lived in Spain, California, Texas, Michigan, Florida and Minneapolis, he's kept moving his entire life, just like with his work. Originally starting with film making at a young age, Cal found an interest in the arts, and has been passionately pursuing it since 2001. Approaching his 10th year under the name NotPorn, Cal is already ahead of his time. He has been blessed and hired by the Source magazine to film KRS ONE in Minneapolis, as well as independently create music videos for DJ Vadim, Bronze Nazareth of the Wisemen, Astonish of Molemen Records, ILL Legit of Black on Black Rhyme, and is now working on releasing his first album, "BOLLYHOOD," due for release sometime in 2011.

Cal taught himself most of his film making skills, and is doing the same with his music production skills. He has been blessed to have enough free time and friends who are already involved in music production to pick up different techniques and styles, constructive criticism, as well as a supportive family, and feedback from his favorite artists.

Having a taste for different genres and not creating stagnant, repetitive art, he has a style that is constantly evolving, picking up new methods along the way, with help from many different sources.

Constantly interested in the community and revolutionary aspects of Hip Hop, Cal is always looking for collaborations with artists who are trying new things. Anyone who promotes ignorance of self, consumerism, disrespect towards women and building enough money to only make bail are far from Cal's respect.

Conscious hip hop like Bronze Nazareth, KRS ONE, Chuck D, Molemen, QWEL & Maker, Immortal Technique, are among his main influences.

Having a strong distaste for mainstream bubblegum, laffy taffy-esque beats, Cal listens to all sorts of genres, and is especially interested in Middle-Eastern culture. Anything that hasn't been remixed or chopped up to compliment the beauty of this undiscovered music is unfinished in his eyes. Cal samples music as respect to the original people who created it, hoping that if they were to hear it themselves, they would be proud and not upset. NotPorn is about making a difference, spreading thought provoking work, reminding people about the beauty in life, as well as the karmic balance.

Cal also pursues endeavors such as stand up comedy, animation, painting, graffiti, breakdancing, screenwriting, martial arts and writing in the third person.

Cal is always looking for feedback and constructive criticism. Praise is appreciated, and so is purchasing his music. All money will go towards food, features, new equipment, and spraypaint.

Cal is down to earth, positive, accessible and appreciates human communication. Feel free to contact him anytime. He is always willing to give your work a listen or view, as well as provide feedback and constructive criticism. Feel free to share the work, as promotion is half the battle.

Thank you.


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