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No Trash Project Mission:
How do we change the patterns of thought, behaviors, and rhythms of daily life that foster a reliance on disposables? The goals of this project are to avoid purchasing anything in packaging to eliminate personal trash production, to be informed about the lifecycle and environmental impact of the goods I consume, and to only keep belongings that are essential to thrive.

Project Description:
In an attempt to alleviate my anxiety about participating in systems that generate waste, I have sworn off trash. Since April, 2011 I have been progressing towards Zero Waste in my work and in my home. Six months into the project, I started a blog to document the daily push to circumvent packaging, bi-product, and pollution. The videos posted here are a part of that documentation. Zooming in and out on micro and macro environmental issues has allowed me to clearly identify system flaws that result in trash. I am learning how to orient my daily life around these problems, taking myself out of the garbage equation.