Nouran Sherif

Cairo, Egypt.

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A Visual and Audio artist, born on 1990, Graduated from the faculty of applied arts 2012.

Her art work varies from Sound, Video, paintings, installations, performance and photography.

She mainly depends on double exposed photos, and various layers that give another a non perspective depth but intellectual and emotional kind of depth.
Interested in ambient electronic sounds.

Started her art career in 2010 with painting and photography, then started participating in various artistic workshops giving her more options in art, at the beginning of her career she was trying as many different art methods as she could, until she settled that Video art is one of the most convenient ways to express her art, as video gave her a big space to move through, it was very satisfying to her, it combined Visuals, sounds, performance, lighting, movement all together in one art work.
Her art work at the beginning was conceptual art work that has nothing to do with politics, she was interested in art and it’s relation with science, after the Egyptian revolution she was affected in a strange way, so she started making a direct political art work, then changes again to do conceptual art again and sometimes with a far connection to politics.
She aims to do a useful kind of art work that can change the society around her, may be the whole world, even if it is going to be a tiny change that nobody will notice that it happened.

Participated in many exhibitions, life performances, life sound performances inside and outside Egypt.

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