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An artist whose philosophy is grounded in innovation and multi-dimensional storytelling, Noush's work spans theatre, animation, illustration & music. She's gaining a reputation as an edgy singer-songwriter and her first film, 3 Act Circus was her first attempt at bringing together her diverse skills into a single vision: where her music meets her visual art in the form of stop-motion animated film-making. Having worked as a production designer in dance & theatre in Montreal, and later in feature films & graphic design in Bombay, she believes very strongly in collaboration, and her creative process is as significant to her as the product she is creating. Her songs, drawings & films share underlying themes of grotesque, vaudeville, nostalgia & naivite, and her sense of whimsy & play is often contrasted with dark, comedic elements. She's been nominated twice for the Jack Daniel's Rock Awards (2009 & 2010, Bombay) for Best Female Vocalist, has been voted Best Alternative Music Act 2010 by (MENA), and has performed at venues such as BlueFrog, Bombay, and the Fridge Dubai. Her animated short, "The White Room" was chosen for screening at the Concordia Student Film Festival, 2007, at the Cinema du Parc reparatory cinema, and her first single, 3 Act Circus, received 4 stars by Rolling Stone Mumbai, whilst the film received a Best Foreign Short nomination at the AniMazing Spotlight Festival, 2011 in California.