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Nouvelle Vague stands for the balance between three tangents: images and words, elegance and youth, beauty and the unexpected moment.

We are a unique creative agency with 25 years of experience in Photography, Motion and Illustration, who offer a home for a collective of kindred spirits. Our artists have been recognized by the Sony World Awards and the International Photography Awards, and we have run productions based from sunny beaches in Miami and Los Angeles to the crowded pavement of New York and the narrow streets of the old continent.

We have created stunning work for American Express, Roxy, Max Mara, Garnier, Quiksilver, Hitachi, L'oreal, Target, Cartoon Network, Glamour Magazine, New York Times Magazine, Rolling Stone Magazine, Oakley, Nike, Vanity Fair, Vogue, and Levi's among others.

We take our name from the French New Wave and its embrace of contradictory aesthetics. We will travel halfway around the world to satisfy our inspiration, but we measure these adventures against the comforts of our home in Los Angeles. We trust our eye and our instincts equally. We believe in works-in-progress, in the creative energy that converts ideas into images. The end result is sometimes a revelation, not from mindless doing, but because the source of inspiration is immaterial, diverse, and most effective when unanticipated. The creative process has no boundaries, or questions of authenticity. So instead, we balance its push and pull like the breaking of the waves.

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