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I am learning and experimenting with film, one step at a time, one video per step, one short film a year. Blindly pushing the boundaries of what I think I can achieve, driven by passion rather than been realistic in any way. Dreaming big and printing that in film.
I am trying to take my particular way of feeling the world we live in, spin that into a fiction story and put it in images that will hopefully communicate with the viewer at a human, emotional and unconscious level of understanding.

My short films are risk taking (not to be confused with experimental).
I love working with NGO's
And I like to jump into short video ideas to keep learning, practicing and developing skills.

Love nature, the sun, the sea, surfing, driving in lost roads and sand on my feet = I live in Mallorca.
Enjoy very much small cities & International creative hot spots = I also live in Amsterdam.

SKINHEARTS is my first fiction short film released online on the 14th of May 2015.
EREKUSU is my second fiction short film, working on it right now (hopefully to be released mid 2016).

Thanks for Watching.
Super thanks for Liking.
Mega thanks for Commenting!

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