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Young, upcoming Director.


  1. Croft Brothers
  2. Matt Hill
  3. Sasha Nathwani
  4. Ross Anderson
  5. Richard Hughes
  6. David Crossman
  7. David Williams
  8. Aaron Wood
  9. Charlie Fox
  10. Matt Weobley
  11. James Hooker
  12. Michael Brooks
  13. James Harrison
  14. Steven Blake
  15. Oz Koca
  16. Tom Deacon

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  1. Well done with the edit bro, looks great and the song is awesome!
  2. Thanks for coming down to shoot it for me man. Hopefully we'll do something with the band again soon. Hope to see you over the summer at some point.
  3. Fantastic edit mate, you did a really good job! Their recording of the song is flawless as well. Brilliant!