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  1. fCreative5

    by FIVE5IVE joined

    18.1K Videos / 3,700 Members

    Our group exists for videos with style, subject, or content that qualifies as being CREATIVE; more so for content that INSPIRES thought and creativity. Without bias or prejudice real appreciation…

  2. Creative Technology

    by Pablo Marques joined

    3,352 Videos / 1,112 Members

    Aggregating work that demonstrates the creative potential in the use of technology.


    by Kosmos joined

    8,139 Videos / 1,690 Members

    http://avperformance.net Official Group All that is connected with art and technology of creating live music and visual content, performance, VJ’s, DJ’s and musicians’ work…

  4. experimental / ambient / electronic

    by Norbert Gresku joined

    3,522 Videos / 910 Members

    the mixture of the above can produce amazing things, right? whether you are a musician or simply a music lover, join and share your own stuff, interesting findings or live recordings. a group for…

  5. Generative Animations

    by DieTapete joined

    830 Videos / 521 Members

    All things generative.. Please only add procedurally generated animations. No keyframes allowed. ;)

  6. Experimental/Abstract

    by Dead Set Films joined

    25.4K Videos / 8,582 Members

    Films using experimental techniques, abstract visuals, or non-traditional elements. Out-of-the-box, antinorm, or just plan weird and creative.

  7. The Arts

    by Gene Geter joined

    11K Videos / 2,916 Members

    A group for creative, artistic and experimental videos.

  8. "Make art now" - Real time / Generative / Interactive art collective

    by XY01 joined

    52 Videos / 56 Members

    Videos from members of the 'Make art now' facebook group https://www.facebook.com/groups/makeartnow/

  9. VJ London

    by VJ_London joined

    343 Videos / 70 Members

    VJ London is a community of Greater London VJ's, live video artist and audio visual performers.

  10. 3D LED Fashion Workshop

    by Gael Abegg Gauthey aka Lupin joined

    1 Video / 13 Members

    Mapping Festival 3D Led Fashion workshop - 26-29 May 2014 Fonderie Kugler Workshop created by the Mapping Festival, MadMapper team (Garagecube & 1024 Architecture) http://www.mappingfestival.com/2014/en/ https://www.facebook.com/3dledfashionworkshop

  11. processing

    by Dimitre joined

    2,873 Videos / 2,687 Members

    http://processing.org Processing is an open source programming language and environment for people who want to program images, animation, and interactions. It is used by students, artists, designers,…

  12. OpenFrameworks

    by stefanix joined

    1,066 Videos / 662 Members

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