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Northsea Explorers (NSE) was formed in 2004 with the purpose of documenting the Norwegian Coast and its maritime history. The driving force behind this is the many unsolved mysteries and ship wrecks lying at the bottom of the ocean.

Since it´s conception NSE has located and documented numerous ship and airplane wrecks along the Norwegian coast. These activities have been performed following the guidelines set out by the Directorate for Cultural Heritage in Norway and in co-operation with local museums such as Bergen Maritime Museum.

NSE is a non-profit organization and all work carried out by our members is strictly voluntary.

Today NSE consists of a number of technical divers trained in the use of Helium based diving gases allowing us the reach even the deepest wrecks. The team has also recruited a number of skilled photographers and videographers who have access to state-of-the-art video and lighting systems.

We currently use the following video and lighting systems:

-Sony PMW-EX1
-Sony HVR-Z1U
-Canon EOS 7D
-Gates Underwater Housings

-200w HMI video lights.
-50w HID video lights.
-35w HID video lights.
-24w HID video lights.

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