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São Paulo, Brasil

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Núcleo Contemporâneo is an independent label and career manager focused on Brazilian and Latin-American music. Since 1996, it has been conceiving, developing and promoting a variety of projects within traditional, popular and erudite languages.
All the projects and the artists aim to bring a unique contemporary expression of the Brazilian traditions, and they are keen to promote language and cultural encounters.
Throughout these years, Núcleo Contemporâneo has released more than 70 albums.It’s been one of the most important Brazilian Independent Label, which combines autonomy and quality. Directed by the Brazilian pianist and arranger Benjamim Taubkin, Contemporary Nucleus also works to develop programming and curator projects and concerts promotion with other partners.
Currently, it manages the following groups: Modern Tradition, Contemporary America, Benjamim Taubkin and Abaçaí Music Nucleus, Orchestra Popular de Câmara, Trio + 1 and Benjamim Taubkin – piano solo.These projects have CDs released in Brazil, Europe and the United States, and have been performing every year all over the world.

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