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This is the official Vimeo page for Nude-Muse Magazine ( We are about nude art, nude culture, nude lifestyle, nude health and even nude news. Nude-Muse Magazine is about showing that nudity is natural, normal, beautiful, artistic, and non-sexual in the right context.

We are growing and will keep bringing new material for your viewing pleasure and many more new features as we go. So stay tuned and keep coming back to see what new things we will bring.

* If you wish to use one of my PREVIEW videos by all means you can do that, but only if you state that the video was created by us. For example "This video supplied by Nude-Muse Magazine";. Now that's not hard to do and it keeps everyone happy. A win-win all round. :) People who use my videos without my permission (that is without giving us credit as stated above or worse try to claim it as their own), will have the video deleted by vimeo staff for breach of copyright. Spammers who use my video to promote their malware and virus infecting sites disguised as free movie sites (come on you think these guys give free movies without getting anything from it), I will get vimeo to delete the video for breach of copyright as I don't give permission for my videos to be used in such manner. Please find someone else who will. I am sure you will find someone who is ok with that.

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