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I'm a believer in Christ, a nudist (in a textile consumed world) and amateur musician.
I love writing music, it seemed harder and harder to with the band as time went on. I play guitar. I love to bbq out as much as possible whether at a friends or out back here at home.

Other than some internet, doing mixing & edit sound, digital art, fliers and emailing was my thing on my computer when it was up, I use my wife's laptop every now and then.

In the band sometimes I played bass during practice when we needed it filled in, We have three songs uploaded on ReverbNation reverbnation.com/facingthefather where the lyrics are a bit high over the music. On Facebook the band, Facing The Father: facebook.com/facingthefather.

Some of the music we did before this are up on Myspace myspace.com/karmanaffect/music/songs .... if ya want to hear some old tunes the drummer and I were in back in the day when we started jamming together.

The hardest thing to remember... Hold on to the promises God has given us and even more so, Remember the Sabbath, Friday evening to Saturday evening. pretty Rough, aye?

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