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The numediart Insti­tute for New Media Art Tech­nol­ogy was founded in 2010 by the Uni­ver­sity of Mons. Build­ing upon MONS 2015 (Mons will be the EU Cap­i­tal of Cul­ture in 2015), the Insti­tute orga­nizes internationally-renowned sci­en­tific train­ing and research activ­i­ties in the area of new media art tech­nol­ogy. The top­ics cov­ered by the Insti­tute are : audio, image, video, ges­ture, and bio-signal pro­cess­ing, for appli­ca­tions in which man-machine inter­ac­tion aims at cre­at­ing emo­tions.

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