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"Don't just bring the party.... BE the party!" That is the mission statement for ABOUT LAST NIGHT. Always a top draw we've been pleasing club owners and filling dance floors in the Hudson Valley and all over the Northeast for over 12 years. Our set list spans over five decades.... playing everything from the Beatles to Bon Jovi to Biz Markee and The Black Eyed Peas, literally covering everything in between. Our motto: “If you can’t dance to it, or chant with it... we don’t play it!”. Proudly sponsored by Cumulus Media (101.5 WPDH FM/96.9FM WRRV) & by the King of All Beers Budweiser Beer we deliver a show that is full of fun, energy, and musical diversity. Available for clubs, weddings and lots of parties... both public and private.

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