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Los Angeles

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Jetsetter jazz, brought to you by eight swingin' top cats called Nutty. Modern standards collide with timeless jazz in a most ingenious way. On stage, it's a bachelor pad vibe, right down to the black suits, skinny ties and irreverent humor. When the music plays, you're captivated by the creative arrangements and dazzled by the performances this fun-tet lays down. And when frontman Sonny Moon steps up to croon, you might just think you've been transported back in time, when the Rat Pack ruled, Vegas was truly old school and martinis were a lunch staple...say 1962.

For those who dig jazz, you'll recognize the classic jazz references and signatures that went into the mix. For those who don't know jazz, you'll be glad you were introduced. And there's film and TV music thrown in just for added kicks.

Why fight it? Just pour yourself a top-shelf cocktail and enjoy the ride.

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It's a gas!

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