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French born photographer and international awards winner, Nicolas Villaume is specialized in social and portrait photography in demanding environments. Whether in the Arctic documenting the Caribou people dealing with climate change , or following Peruvian traditional dancers living in the favellas of Lima, Villaume 's characteristic is to listen to the concerns of the locals and capture images that document these in their daily lives. He works with various international NGO's and cultural institutions including UNESCO, and has been published in international magazines such as Mother Jones, The Week, National Geographic Newswatch, Boston Globe, Grands Reportages, Americas Quarterly and several South American medias... Villaume's work reflects his strong commitment and sensitivity to human relationships and social dynamics, by using a powerful combination of image and sound. He is travelling the world with his cameras and microphones looking for unexpected encounters, seeking the emotional impact of conversations with people we normally cannot reach, and sharing with all. Russia, China, Mongolia, and Laos are countries which have deeply influenced him. But it is especially with South American people that he developed strong links over time. He now lives between Lima and Paris.

Deeply concerned with promoting both the richness and fragility of cultural diversity and minority cultures, he has created the french association Conversations du Monde (expertise in world class multimedia exhibitions design using the emotional power of photography and art) which has supported the Voices from the Andes exhibition tour in South America and France. In addition he has co-founded and developed to 2010 the NGO Living Cultural Storybases. These projects aim to preserve and disseminate the world's oral traditions in peril of extinction, in order to make new generations concious of their ancestral cultural legacy. Villaume's last project contribution can be seen with its collaboration with NGO Land is Life, and the creation of the Conversations with the Earth initiative presenting indigenous voices on Climate Change to the world.

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Villaume's work has been presented in more than 20 solo and group exhibitions worldwide:

- SMITHSONIAN, National Museum of the American Indians, Washington DC, USA, July 2011
- CWE Conversations with the Earth Festival, Oxford , England / March 2011
- ICCC and the right of Mother Earth, Cochabamba, Bolivia / April 2010
- ISEC International Society for Ethnobiology Congress, Tofino, Canada / May 2010
- ICTD 2010 (UNESCO), London, England / Dec 2010
- COP 16, Cancun, Mexico / Nov 2010
- NATIONAL MUSEUM OF DENMARK, Copenhaguen, Denmark / Dec-Jan 2009
- KLIMAFORUM, Copenhaguen, Denmark / Dec 2009
- BIONEERS, California, USA / Oct 2009
- CENTRO MIRO QUESADA, Lima, Peru / June 2009
- BIONEERS, California, USA / Oct 2009
- MUSEO DE ARTE CONTEMPOREANO, Arequipa, Peru / May 2009
- EXPEDITION DAYS FESTIVAL, La Grave, France / Jan 2008
- MUSEO METROPOLITANO, Quito, Ecuador / Feb. 2007
- Salon de l’ALLIANCE FRANCAISE, Guayaquil, Ecuador / Jan. 2007
- MUSEO BANCO CENTRAL, Cuenca, Ecuador / Dec. 2006
- Salon de l’ALLIANCE FRANCAISE, Loja, Ecuador / Nov. 2006
- UNESCO, Paris headquarters, France / Feb. 2006
- MUSEO NACIONAL DE ETNOGRAFIA, La Paz, Bolivia / June 2005
- CENTRO CULTURAL SIMON I PATINO, Cochabamba, Bolivia / Aug. 2005
- CASA DE LA LIBERTAD, Sucre, Bolivia - Sept. 2005

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