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Summary: I create and curate content regarding space weather (the Sun-Earth connection, ionospheric conditions, geomagnetic conditions, sunspots and the solar cycles like the current Sunspot Cycle 24), radiowave propagation (via the ionosphere, and other paths and mediums); shortwave radio (SWLing, Utility monitoring, etc.), amateur (ham) radio (including digital modes, Morse code/CW, low-power/QRP, kit building, and more); cats (felines), guitar and music, writing, pipe smoking, social media, Montana, and other interests.

THIS IS NOT A SMOKING FETlSH CHANNEL; Please do not subscribe if that's what you're looking for.

I am the radio propagation and space weather editor for CQ Amateur Radio Magazine, CQ VHF Quarterly, and Popular Communications Magazine. My main personal website is NW7US.us

All my social networks and Internet pages are listed here: XeeMe.com/tomasdavidhood

Find me on Twitter: @NW7US and on YouTube at YouTube.com/NW7US

I first started in the computer industry in 1983. I have been involved with computer programming and engineering, from creating operating systems (machine-language upward), to writing applications and tools. I've done systems engineering, hardware troubleshooting, computer repair, systems administration, security, and website design and hosting. I've been involved with small office networks to very large-scale international scalable enterprise networks. I've worked with telecommunications (HF/Shortwave, VHF to Microwave, Satellite, telephony, fiber) and space weather/radio propagation forecasting. I served in the US Army as a telecommunications and computer IT person (support, logistics, tactical; even did some AI work).

I've owned computer consulting businesses as well as a computer shop. I was a CTO of a major Internet start-up. I was a technical writer for Microsoft (KB, Business). I've been social networking since 1989.


I am also a heliophile. That simply means that I study space weather and the Sun. I count sunspots, X-ray flares, and other space weather phenomenon.

( see SunSpotWatch.com - my website )


I am an amateur radio operator with an FCC-assigned callsign of NW7US. I hold an Extra-class license, and was first licensed in 1990. I have been enjoying the radio hobby, however, since the early 1970s. I enjoy many aspects of the radio communications hobby, including Morse code operation using a mode called, CW, and, I like using digital modes like JT65A and Olivia.


I play guitar, and enjoy writing my own music and songs. I also like exploring other musician's creations.

I love cats. And dogs. And people.

I smoke a tobacco pipe. I love pipe tobaccos.

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