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  1. 01:16:17

    Sam Hanna Collection - Sport, Culture and Leisure

    by NWfilmarchive

    10 Videos

    The Hanna collection features records of cultural life, sport and leisure. In 1957 Sam was at Turf Moor (the home of Burnley FC) to capture unique colour footage of the Manchester United football…

  2. 02:21:05

    Sam Hanna Collection - Civic Occasions and Local Events

    by NWfilmarchive

    11 Videos

    Hanna was minded to film events in his home town and beyond, providing records of important occasions such as whit walks, royal visits, remembrance services and community celebrations.

  3. 01:01:22

    Sam Hanna Collection - Children, School and Education

    by NWfilmarchive

    6 Videos

    As a teacher at Burnley's Abel Street School, and later at Burnley Grammar School, Sam Hanna not only brought film into the classroom with inventions such as his 'daylight screen',…

  4. 02:27:04

    Sam Hanna Collection - Working Life

    by NWfilmarchive

    9 Videos

    There are several films in the collection that illustrate or promote local commerce and industry or simply tell us more about working life. 'New Fields for Industry' is an upbeat twenty-minute…

  5. 04:05:42

    Sam Hanna Collection - Craft Films

    by NWfilmarchive

    21 Videos

    Sam Hanna is perhaps most associated with his series of educational films about 'Old English Crafts'. Sam had trained as a furniture designer and cabinetmaker before becoming a handicraft…

  6. 01:12:09

    Sam Hanna Collection

    by NWfilmarchive

    3 Videos

    Sam Hanna was a Burnley-born amateur filmmaker whose collection of over 500 reels of mostly 16mm film was acquired by the North West Film Archive in November 2005. Sam Hanna had a lifelong passion…

  7. 05:44

    Our Friends The Police

    by NWfilmarchive

    4 Videos

    Extracts from the 1914 film 'Our Friends The Police'. The full film illustrates various aspects of policework in Manchester, including ambulance duties, traffic control, training of recruits,…

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