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  1. 02:52:48

    2012 DYC APBA Gold Cup

    by Walt Ottenad

    33 Videos

    Detroit, MI July 13-15, 2012

  2. 01:46:29

    2012 Lucas Oil Madison Regatta

    by Walt Ottenad

    27 Videos

    The 2012 Lucas Oil Madison Regatta took place July 6-8, 2012 in Madison, IN.

  3. 02:27:18

    2011 Oryx Cup

    by Walt Ottenad

    36 Videos

    UIM World Championships in Doha, Qatar

  4. 01:33:53

    2011 Air National Guard Championship

    by Walt Ottenad

    19 Videos

    San Diego Bayfair

  5. 12:43

    2011 Lamb-Weston Columbia Cup Heat Race Archives

    by Walt Ottenad

    3 Videos

    Tampa Digital's archive of the live coverage of the 2011 Lamb-Weston Columbia Cup.

  6. 52:35

    2011 Albert Lee Cup

    by Walt Ottenad

    10 Videos

    Seafair in Seattle, WA

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