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Oblast, an up-and-coming band on the Berlin techno scene, have devised a special artistic concept that transforms their sound into a 360-degree experience. You can hear, feel, see and touch their music. Even holding their new EP, looking at the cover, and taking in the image is an exciting experience in itself.

Miimo, Jas and Elroy, who each have a different artistic background, founded Oblast a year ago. They met in Ostkreuz, in the heart of east Berlin, with the aim of combining powerful and profound sounds inspired by the local techno scene and the industrial cool of their urban surroundings. The first time you listen to Oblast, it’s like experiencing a crash in slow motion. It’s a journey through creative minds – a journey that establishes a unique, intimate connection between the artist and the listener. Distorted sounds and deep beats tell a harmonious story, bringing a fascinating world to life in just a few minutes. And more than anything, it’s the kind of experience that needs to be loud.

Music dominates Oblast’s multidimensional artistic world. To them, it’s not just a source of inspiration, but also a way to communicate with the crowd. The group released their first tracks with Add Cat Records, on the ACT 1 EP. And they’ve also been performing live around Europe (they’ve hit Germany, France, Switzerland, Denmark and Poland so far), giving people across the continent the chance to discover and enjoy their new sounds and sensations. Oblast’s second EP, ACT II, which features 4 impressive new tracks, is already complete and scheduled for release on the same label.

Many of Oblast’s live performances are true multisensory experiences, as they are complemented with powerful visuals. The distorted logic and dark aesthetics of the music come to life in the form of rich black-and-white pictures, videos and graphics. We all like the light of the day, but the most mysterious and fascinating things happen in the quiet of the night. You need to go deep into the dark to uncover the things of true beauty that the night harbors. This is what Oblast is all about. It’s the promise of a journey – one your ears and eyes will savor.


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