Obscure Cinema :16mmMicro Series

Hills of Abandoned Canyons, CA

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Handmade films, bricollage, collage, verite, cinema of poverty and provera, other, 16mm, super 8mm, deviant, celluloid, california filmmakers, chemical imbalance in filmography, discipline avant -garde, darkness, light, optical art and light shows. Expanded Cinema. Shapeshifter's Cinema @ TAC, Lightshows with 10 FILM machines all run by one hell of a wild , staunch athiest -radical woman. Analog Bliss.


  1. pinkpressthreat
  2. Greta Snider
  3. N I H I L  M I N U S
  4. Christopher Konopka
  5. William Davenport
  6. Davy Force
  7. disco_r.dance
  8. Nick Cope
  9. Нина Деева
  10. Panagiotis Tomaras
  11. Red Bull Music Academy
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  13. sndsbx
  14. Atrocity Exhibition
  15. Peter Care
  16. Puzzling Evidence
  17. Brian Pedersen
  18. Preston Spurlock

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