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The Observatory - a name that seemingly implies passive objectivity, but which really describes a band whose musical output is an impassioned response to the society it is enmeshed in, a society divided, a society in tumult -- where new forms of oppression must be actively met with new strategies for resistance. The current constellation of The Observatory are vibrations of shifting rhythms, synth bass space, oscillators and abused guitars. Repetition is at the heart of their riff. Hammering out a certain truth. Noise, rock, and melancholy.

The Observatory’s music is texturally complex and viscerally emotional, crossing wasted borders that parallel polarities within human existence, provoking and inspiring in a deeply enigmatic way. The members are huge music fans. The gang of five draw inspiration from their Southeast Asian roots and contemporary heroes of new music and art, to create a stirring concoction of potent and powerful extremes.

The Observatory’s new album Oscilla, is available on all formats at

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