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#OccupyAirwaves is a music initiative for local artists to impress the importance of arts education as a positive creative outlet for youth development and community empowerment.

What began as a summer 2-day concert garnering over 500 supporters, #OA has now blossomed into a platform for the music community to support saving arts and music education in the budget-struck Philadelphia school system.

#OccupyAirwaves school tour officially launched in December 2013, visiting Kensington CAPA HS and CW Henry Elementary school, where local artists and creative education programs interacted directly with students through an entertaining and informative assembly. The program was super successful and we have greater expectations for Spring 2014.

Additionally, our partnering organizations, offer viable resources for your students thus providing tangible solutions to school districts arts education deficit.

· JR Music Executives: jrmusicexec.com/about/programs/

· Public Citizens for Children and Youth (PCCY): pccy.org/picassoproject

· Cred Magazine: villagearts.org/arts/cred-magazine

Please enjoy the #OA School Tour recap, and we invite you to please share this information with your local school that may benefit from our programming.

Please email us at:

Thank you so much,
#OA Team

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