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"A cinematographer has to design and write a story, starting at the beginning, through the evolution to the end. That's why I considered my profession as a writer of light." ~ Vittorio Storaro

Vittorio Storaro, who collaborated with the Italian director Bernardo Bertolucci on "The Conformist", "Last Tango in Paris" and "The Last Emperor" believes a cinematographer is not only a painter of light but he or she needs to know literature, music and painting in order to tell an effective story with images.

As an avid cinephile and a filmmaker, I am always striving to master these three things: Telling a good story as a writer; Creating an enchanting image like a painter; Weaving all the pieces together through time and with rhythm, like a musician.

In 2003, I founded Ocean Blue Videography in the Bay Area to fulfill my vision of using state of the art technology to produce exquisite and meaningful works. Since then our team has produced, shot and edited over 200 weddings and other personal events while striving to highlight the uniqueness of each story. We have also branched out to business videos and indie films projects, which in turn sharpen our senses and skills in various aspects of video production.

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