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Ocean Flow Energy Limited (OEL) remit is the development and commercialisation of Evopod, an evolutionary pod mounted tidal energy device for generating electricity from tidal streams and ocean currents in exposed deep water sites where severe wind and waves also make up the environment.

Evopod is a semi-submerged, floating, tethered tidal stream energy capture device. It uses a simple but effective mooring system that allows the free floating device to maintain optimum heading into the tidal stream.

It makes use of proven, low cost wind turbine and marine industry components and can be accessed by boat for inspection and maintenance.

The intellectual property of Evopod is wholly owned by Ocean Flow Energy Ltd. The founder and managing director is Graeme Mackie, a naval architect with 35 years experience in marine design. Evopod was awarded a UK patent in April 2007.

To date there are very few grid connected tidal devices despite the fact that the political climate has never been more favourable for supporting research and development into new technology that have the potential to exploit a global market for green energy. Evopod offers a low cost, low risk entry to that market using solutions that have evolved from related technologies in the offshore oil and gas and wind energy industries.

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