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Oceanseed Project is an environmental based, socioeconomic oriented non-profit organization providing a world of natural wonder, inspiration and empowerment to at-risk and disadvantaged youth.


Oceanseed Project is committed to transforming the lives of at-risk and disadvantaged youth by providing access to oceans, beaches, estuaries, watersheds, and mentorship while teaching a student-centered curriculum in the humanities and sciences that fulfill national Common Core and Next Generation Science standards. Program participants discover a world of possibilities through a direct experience with their natural environment.


Oceanseed Project seeks to inspire and empower at-risk youth by facilitating the establishment of their direct connection with our natural world through an understanding of and appreciation for our oceans, beaches, estuaries and watersheds, resulting in significantly improved life trajectories, economic outcomes, and global environments.


Oceanseed Project’s primary goals are to:
1) Inspire, empower, and transform the lives of underprivileged children
2) Provide access to and an understanding of oceans, beaches, estuaries and watersheds
3) Facilitate a tangible connection to our natural world and humanities through developmentally appropriate and experiential educational programs consistent with national Common Core standards in a safe, healthy, and inclusive environment
4) Be a catalyst and advocate for new curiosity, exploration, discovery, unconventional learning, widening perspectives, positive relationships, community engagement, and global sustainability
Empower children to live a life that they love, full of possibility, fueled by inspiration, awareness, knowledge and action.


Founded in February 2012 by a caring group of professional individuals degreed and experienced in the arts, outdoors, education, technology and science, the Oceanseed Project, a California State Public Benefit Corporation, was created to transform the lives of at-risk and disadvantaged children whom have not had and would not otherwise have the opportunity to experience the thrilling impact of sand, ocean and beach experiences.

Oceanseed Project maintains its programs through various funding resources including generous donations and grants from individuals, companies, and foundations.


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