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  1. About OCFA

    11 videos

    These videos help to educate viewers about the Orange County Fire Authority and its programs.

  2. Monthly Briefings

    67 videos

    OCFA produces a monthly recap of what is happening in the department and in our communities.

  3. OCFA Newsletter Chief's Report

    20 videos

    Here are the Fire Chief's "Chief's Report" Segments from each Monthly Briefing as independent clips.

  4. OCFA Newsletter Featured Segments

    54 videos

    Here are selected stories from each Monthly Briefing as independent clips for your viewing ease.

  5. OCFA Newsletter Ops Segments

    79 videos

    Here are Operations-related stories from Monthly Briefings as independent clips for your viewing ease.

  6. OCFA Training Videos

    69 videos

    These are educational videos meant to be used as training tools, including past fires and step-by-step videos that teach our manipulative skills, including throwing ladders and hose lays.

  7. OCFA WEFIT Exercises

    6 videos

    This is a collection of OCFA WEFIT exercises, including instructional portions for some.

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