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I am a moderately deranged Director & Animator working out of Stockholm, Sweden. I spend most my time making music videos, commercials and narrative pieces. Most work includes animation in some way, but not always. As I am a generalist I pick the tools and techniques that best fits the mission and budget at hand.

Through the years I have directed musicvideos for the Endless, KVLR, Convoj, Nutmeg, Gopher and Psycho Sonic Cindy.
The Nutmeg video has been shown more than 86000 times on
YouTube! - It was also featured on the YouTubes own startpage and was part of the lineup in filmfestivals in over 15 locations worldwide.

Though my own company and as a freelancer I have produced and/or worked on Commercials, Corporate films and Music videos for Absolut Vodka, Audi, Electrolux, Eurocities , Freephoo ,Global fund, Metro International, the Nobel Foundation, the Rolling Stones,Southern Comfort & Wasa Crispbread.

Concurrently to the above I am also slowly developing a Hard SciFi Transmedia Storyworld called "BearTrap".

I went the filmschool route during the mid 90s and in 1999 I studied at “Capital School of Multimedia” where I learned Computer animation and Motion graphics.
In the spring of 2011 I studied Crossmedia(Transmedia) Production at SADA (DI) in Stockholm. I am aspiring to concentrate more on Transmedia and fictional storytelling in the near future.

I am always looking for new commissions. Commercials and/or Music video projects.

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