Thomas Oelberger

Bay Area, CA

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I am driven by the unknown. Rather than toe the line, I prefer to chart a course into the abyss and trust that my instincts will guide the way. I am at my most creative when I do not feel 100% comfortable in a situation. I have unwavering confidence in my ability to learn and adapt to situations and enjoy pushing myself to succeed in the face of adversity. My wanderlust for new challenges has resulted in an extremely wide range of experience in multiple fields, mediums and locations. I greatly respect and value the contributions of specialists, but I am a generalist; a renaissance man equally good at digging a grave, cutting my wife’s hair, designing a museum exhibit or developing an intuitive user interface.

I have deep empathy for others and the ability to understand and speak to disparate groups. I can spin a yarn that makes you laugh, teaches you, or sells you on an idea. I can lead a team, or fit seamlessly within one. I bring confidence blended with humility rather than bravado sprinkled with arrogance.

I make change. And I am always interested in the next frontier.

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