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Actor. Artist. Straight Edge. I love to watch movies that inspired me to be better. My hopes and dreams will be acting and making art and making poetry.

1. Featured in the highly anticipated and controversial film "Plunge", Directed by Gianna Nicole and starring Charlotte Lilt, Jason Wiechert, Eric Lettman, Melissa Farley, Chelsea Claire, Josiah Burgess, Shyanne Neacholle, and J Lyle. (2015).

2. Playing the role of Dr. Morrow in the horror/thriller/comedy short film "Order of Lucifer", Directed by Nicholas Lehn and co-starring Tatiana Limbo, Farrell Roland, and Brian Beit. (2015)

3. Featured in the action/adventure/thriller film "The Dragon Rings: Kaida", Directed by Jeremy B. Hill and co-starring Mar D Caos. (2015)

4. Playing the role of Marty in the horror/thriller feature film "Separate Ways", Directed by Jeremy Patterson and co-starring Maximum Kay. "Separate Ways" is set to premiere later this year (2015).

5. Playing the role of Roger in the comedy short film "The Will", Directed by Mack Duncan and co-starring Jermain Byers, Caelia Adams, Adrienne Stephany, and Clifton Gray. (2013)

6. Playing the role of Kevin in the comedy short film "Dromedary", Directed by Collier Shutter and co-starring Declan Kinnane, Shelly Boucher, Dawn Nixon, and Katie Kozma. (2013)

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