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Presto! is a mexican rock band originally formed in October 1998 as Safo, in Puebla, composed of bassist and lead vocalist Adrianísima and guitarist Sergio Mata.
The band and its membership went through a number of re-configurations between 1998 and 2007, being this year the time when the name PRESTO! was adopted. Two years later they decided to perform as a power trio but keeping creative direction as a duo, having drummers and other musicians selected depending on the project at hand.
The band's name was inspired, among other things, in one of their favorite band's albums: Rush's Presto, adopting as well the legendary bunnies from the Presto tour as their mascot.
Presto! has become known for the peculiar voice of Adrianísima, a cocktail of The Cranberrie's Dolores O'Riordan, Janis Joplin and Pat Benatar. Likewise, the musical and production skills of Sergio have been noticed as remarkably rare in their city rock scene.
At the moment, as they play at different pubs as a cover band, they are working on their first studio album.

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