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Ghent, Belgium

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Art Cinema OFFoff is a unique screening and research platform for experimental film, based in Ghent, Belgium.

The shows at OFFoff look back at the rich history of film and its most obscure and remote corners. We focus on the formal aspects of film and emphasize this as the foundation of our program: OFFoff's mission is to offer a space to present what is possible within film. Rising talents and protagonists of avant-garde film are given the opportunity to screen their works. We make determined choices for films that bear witness to a deviant attitude towards the medium. Our shows are given a broader perspective through lectures, which are intended to give a critical platform for discussion and debate regarding pertinent issues within film. Experimental live performances and concerts are also organized in order to investigate the formal and internal aspects of the film practice. In short, we strive to make every show at OFFoff a meeting point for film lovers, critics, researchers and artists.

Art Cinema OFFoff is a non-profit organization.

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