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I'm passionate about many things. This site will represent three of those passions, learning about wildlife through the use of homemade, custom remote cameras, creating opportunities for youth to be engaged in authentic conservation efforts, and leveraging my background in forestry, software engineering, and years of studying wildlife to support conservation efforts locally and globally.

About a decade ago I had fallen asleep on a ridge in the Never Summer Wilderness in Colorado and about 20 minutes later, I'm guessing, something woke me up. I never wake up startled when I'm out in nature. But that day I did. It was like someone had opened smelling salts under my nose. I sat up and instinctively brushed my right cheek. Odd, I thought. I got up and noticed fresh mountain lion tracks across a muddy area right next to me. The tracks ended where I was laying. The mud was crusted dry for about the first 1/4 inch and below that the mud was wet. Claw marks went through the dry surface and into the wet mud. Lions don't walk around with their claws extended unless they are ready to attack. Hmmm, I wondered how fresh those tracks were. I walked around for a few minutes to see if I could see anything off the ridge in either direction. Nothing. I walked back to the muddy spot and in those few minutes the claw marks had dried. Did the lion brush my cheek with its whiskers? Did it run behind me when I sat up? Who knows. Since then I've been fascinated by mountain lions, their habits, the prey they pursue, and their habitat.

If you're looking for a way to showcase your conservation efforts, engaging youth in authentic research, or leverage high end camera equipment for a species specific research project, I welcome a call.




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